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Establishment of the Bulgarian-German Social Work (its present name is Bulgarian-German Social Association St. Andrew, a Bulgarian-German Non-Profit Organisation) in Liebenau, Germany. Its founders are the Metropolis of Varna and Veliko Preslav, the Liebenau Foundation and the St. Francis Heiligenbronn Foundation. According to its statute, the purpose of the association is to offer services in the field of social work, healthcare and education in the spirit of Christianity.

Registration of BGSW as an Organisation at the District Court in the city of Varna.

01.10.1999 to Christmas
Training for two young theologians and a doctor in the working aspects of the two German foundations in Liebenau and Heiligenbronn.

Hiring the first BGSW associates, with the aforementioned specialists among them. Later on, the theologians were ordained deacons by Metropolitan Kiril. After taking the Holy Orders, they took up the priesthood in the areas of Varna and Balchik. From then on, they have been working in close co-operation with the Association. First in Aksakovo and Ignatievo and later in Varna, meals for people in need, and medical care for some, have been provided. Since mid-2003, Balchik has also been one of the locations assisted by BGSW. In 2004, Social Work took up the funding to provide food for a therapeutic group of former drug addicts. The assistance for the villages of Levski and Nikolaevka began in May 2004

Following a partial renovation of the building of the municipal kindergarten in the village of Kichevo, BGSW opened the doors of "Faith, Hope and Love" weekly kindergarten, integrating children of unequal social status.
From February to March 2002, two students from the European Class at the Institute for Social Professions in Ravensburg had their work experience placements at the kindergarten. We continue this tradition every other year.

The summer and the autumn of 2001 + the summer of 2002
Two employees from the administration and 4 teachers specialised at Liebenau Foundation and St. Francis Heiligenbronn

The Circle of Friends of Bulgarian-German Social Work was established, with its seat in Meckenbeuren-Liebenau. The association, recognised by the revenue authorities of Friedrichshafen as charitable and beneficial to the community, was later able, owing to membership fees and donations, to effectively participate in the development of the projects. The members of the appointed board of curators were mediators for the establishment of valuable contacts: the former Cabinet members Kinkel and Vogel, the theology professors Neuner (Munich) and Schmid (Weingarten), the music professor Baynov (Trossingen) and the natural scientist Ruckl (Wurzburg).

The municipal building of the former dormitory in the village of Kichevo was renovated, and the education of the children from the kindergarten continues there when they are 6 years old. They also have the opportunity to enrol in first grade in the public school of St. Clement of Ohrid in the village of Kichevo and to continue their studies until the eighth grade.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice confirmed the socially beneficial (non-profit) character of our organisation.

From 2004 to the present day, owing to the assistance of the Circle of Friends, BGSW has been capable of helping its extremely needy subscribers with medicines, nappies and of meeting other urgent needs.

In 2004/2005, the other part of the kindergarten building was renovated for two more groups of children

Within the EU project 'STEP IN - Studying training and educational paths for the integration of young Roma', Social Work commenced a project for extra training activities, related to education and leisure time of 20 Bulgarian teenagers of Roma origin from the school of Father Paisius, aiming at their successful graduation, as well as their further education.

April 2006
Social Welfare Provision took on 2 paid nurses. They respond compassionately to every need of the people.

After thorough repairs of the third part of the kindergarten building, the Family-type Accomodation Centre for children opened its doors as well

Our organisation welcomed its first EU volunteer, who assists at the Children's Complex in Kichevo and with the Social welfare programme free of charge during the next year, within the EU programme, "Youth in Action: European Voluntary Service".

June 2007
In co-operation with the Employment Agency Directorate - Primorski, Varna, our organisation conducted activities for vocational advice for teachers, Bulgarian children of Romani origin and their parents at the schools of Hristo Smirnenski in Vaglen, St. Clement of Ohrid in Izvorsko, and Saints Cyril and Methodius in Ignatievo.

Varna Municipality undertook the funding of the STEP IN project and multiplied it at the school of Dobry Voynikov - Kamenar, with the financial accountability lying with our organisation. This is the first case in our organisation's history when it is aided financially with public funds.

St. Andrew was adopted as the patron saint and was included in the name of our organisation. Now, its name is: Social Association St. Andrew, Bulgarian-German Non-Profit Organisation.
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