Association consists of the following members

Association consists of the following members :

Varna and Veliki world Bishopric 9000 Varna / Bulgaria
Foundation "St. Francis " Hayligenbron , 78713 Schramberg / Germany
Foundation " Liebenau " 88074 Meckenbeuren / Germany.

Varna and Veliki Holy Metropolis

Management of the diocese is carried out by His Eminence Varna and Veliki Preslav, Kiril in cooperation naEparhiyski advice. Diocese has 5 Eparchy : Varna, Dobrich , Provadiyska , Shumen and Targovishte . Each Eparchy (except Varna ) is operated by vicar . Center of the Diocese of Varna c is about 500 000 inhabitants, 13 Temple and four chapels. The total population of the diocese is about 1,051,243 inhabitants , 308 temples , chapels - 15 and dyxovenctvoto consists of 95 dyshi .

Foundation "St. Francis " Hayligenbron
Foundation " Sv.Frantsisk Hayligenbron " church is a foundation under public law with social institutions and services . It runs on tsarkovnokatolichesko on humanitarian mission and is dedicated to people with hearing impairments and visual and other disabilities, elderly people who need care and dementia , as well as educational activities for children and adolescents. The proposals cover education , education , service, commitment, care and accommodation of children to retirement age. At present the Foundation " Sv.Frantsisk Hayligenbron " employs around 1300 Employees . They care , accompany and assist more than 1,400 people at 12 different locations in southern Baden- Wurttemberg.

Foundation " Liebenau "
Liebenau Foundation was founded in 1870 and is an independent enterprise with social and educational purposes , raised by Christian motivation. With their institutions to support the elderly and disabled, as well as in health and education, it operates more than 80 locations in Germany , Austria , Switzerland and Bulgaria . Currently in Liebenau Foundation employs approximately 4,900 associates and employees' . They care , accompany and assist more than 10,000 people a year .
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IBAN: BG06 PRCB 9230 1410175810

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IBAN: BG83 PRCB 9230 1010175815

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