Projects - respite care

Social Welfare Provision

Main Activity:
Providing meals and care for socially poor and ill people from the city of Varna, the town of Aksakovo, the village of Ignatievo and other settlements in the Province of Varna.
For the severely ill from Varna, Aksakovo, and Ignatievo - freshly cooked meals every working day. At present, they are:
15 in Varna
8 in Aksakovo
7 in Ignatievo
10 people from the Orthodox Centre providing care for drug addicts in the residential area of Asparuhovo, Varna.
o The rest - we assist them with dry packages of essential food items, such as beans, lentils, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, rice, cheese, etc., 2 times per month.
At present, they are:
51 in Varna
7 in Aksakovo
6 in Ignatievo
10 in the villages of Levski and Nikolaevka
25 in the town of Balchik

Vital for the psychological balance of lonely or ill people

Everyday needs
Shopping, contact with the institutions, accompaniment to the personal doctor, purchasing medicines, cleaning the home, bathing, toilet, washing, meals, etc.

Medical care
Bandages, injections, measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, preparation for the local Disability Council, etc.

Spiritual support
Given to anyone who desires it by a clergyman.

"Hospice at home"
For the most severe cases. Two nurses tend to the patient until their final hour and alleviate their suffering.

We work with volunteers

Our activities are highly responsible. They are carried out by the Social Welfare Provision group at St. Andrew Social Association Varna. The group consists of a nurse and two social workers. We also have two supernumerary nurses, who join in if necessary for the most severe cases.

"We love our work, and everything we do for our subscribers is lead by the principle that not only should we be good professionals, but we should be human beings first and foremost!"
The Social Welfare Provision associates
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